Upload Your Photos


The Yearbook Editors want your photos!  Your kids love seeing themselves in the yearbook.  You can help us make that happen by submitting your on-campus snapshots through the Balfour ImageShare App!  Use code 926772 for submissions.

Purchase Yearbooks


 Also yearbooks presales have begun!! Visit the Balfour website to purchase your 2019 yearbook. We sold out last year so be sure to order early for the best savings and to secure your copy. And be sure to save your confirmation from Balfour to prevent end of the year confusion about purchasing because the end of year is SO long from now and we forget by then. 

Email Your Photos


 We need your help. If you have photos throughout the year please share them with us or join our staff of photographers. Email us at or text Laura Harris at 713.269.2784. 


2017 Yearbook

Committee Update


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2019 Yearbook!!  We are so excited that you are willing to help us make it the best Legacy for our students at NCE.

So many of our fall events are quickly approaching starting with Boosterthon on October 5th.  We'd like to have a meeting about procedures and to guage interest about photographer availability as well as potential page editors.  We are also looking for an assistant editor in training this year for next year's book.

We will be meeting on Tuesday, September 25th at 9am in the cafeteria.  We will sign up for events for the fall and talk about procedures for taking photos and uploading the photos through Balfour's software.  We will also get emails for everyone that wants to help this year so we can create log ins for you for Balfour's software.

Jean and I are so excited about creating another beautiful book for our families but we can't do it without you!  With your help we can capture even more of our students and staff to make a more comprehensive book.

See you all soon!
Laura and Jean


2018 Yearbook